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Sometimes we look to the past for great ideas of how we can interact with technology in the future. Apple has just described a stylus as true innovation, with the $99 Apple Pencil. While it is a great product with some interesting ideas, what the world needs more than a stylus for their iPad, is a way to communicate better with their closest friends and family.  applepencil


When you can’t time a call, we message, but often we don’t send any communication or we just downgrade our thought to a quick text. If we do opt to use one of our phone-to-phone voice messaging options we share our thoughts in a few seconds. This can be great for some thoughts or for many of our contacts….but are we communicating better with our messages with those that matter to us the most, our closest friends and family?


“I don’t want to make it seem like we are trying to label ourselves as more innovative than Apple”, says OrbMi Co-Founder, Andrew Ruppar, “But we think the world wants something more significant than a pencil, no matter how fine it’s tip is.  We want to communicate better with loved ones in the Communication Age, and we need innovative devices and channels that allow us to do this.  That is why we invented OrbMi.”


OrbMi is a private and more personalized voice messaging hub that allows us to share voice from our mobile device when we are free for a few moments and submit that voice share, not to their mobile device the moment we hit send…but instead we can place that voice message at the exact location our contact controls.


Sometimes innovation isn’t just about finding a new way forward or a way to bring back something we loved from the past….but innovation is about giving us a better and freer way to do the things we want and the things we should.  While you obviously don’t need a stylus to use your iPad there are things you can do better with a more dedicated device to interact with your iPad.  In the same way, while you don’t need an Orb to share voice, it can be shared more freely and shared in a new way that we really haven’t tried because of the additional hardware device combined with the mobile app.


We have people we want to hear from more and people we want to connect with more. So, when you can’t time a call…share….share voice….just Orb them or let them just Orb you.

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