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OrbMi – Finally…Better Voice Messaging At The Perfect Time, Every Time

OrbMi – Voice Messaging To The Orb, Not The Phone.

OrbMi is like the answering machine, re-invented for our social, mobile, busy lifestyles.. Share more, communicate better with a voice messaging system for your closest friends and family.

Despite hundreds of ways to communicate, we aren’t communicating better with our closest friends and family, the people we truly want to hear from and share with. We want to reverse this trend.

OrbMi is a personal voice messaging system for our closest friends and family. What makes it unique is that it’s about messaging convenience and control for both the sender and receiver. It’s a bridge to better connections with our network of 2 or 20 loved ones, not another feed for our network of 200 contacts to skim or interrupt our day.

New messaging options focus on one click text sends, creative emoji’s, or maybe seconds of a voice clip….but these aren’t really what’s missing in our messaging options. We don’t share as often as we could because we worry it might be an inconvenient time to alert their phone, or if we do share, we downgrade our message to a short text or tweet to minimize any perceived interruption. These are the problems OrbMi solves….the problems that keep us from staying close and connected with those that should matter to us the most.

At it’s heart, it’s about better communication at the perfect time, every time. It allows us to share more freely and openly with our loved ones without inconvenience or disruption.  With OrbMi, it’s ALWAYS a good time to call.

What is OrbMi?:
In a way, Orbmi is like the old answering machine,  which welcomed us home with messages and thoughts from our loved ones. However, it’s a machine for our modern social mobile age. It’s not for a message we missed, it’s the answer for the messages we aren’t getting or sending now in the way we should, with our voice.

OrbMi makes voice messaging relevant again by taking it away from our phone and sending it to our Orb.

OrbMi combines a mobile application with The Orb hardware device. It allows you to record a rich voice and colored light message. The voice is easily sent from a mobile device to a loved one’s Orb while allowing them to be free and enjoy their day or night, their activity or rest. The sender knows they are free to Orb without any disruption or alert on their contact’s phone. The receiver will experience the message at the perfect time for them to enjoy the message, a time they control, whenever they are back at their Orb.

OrbMi Benefits:
OrbMi reintroduces voice and social etiquette through technology.

Share news for your extended family to enjoy, using your voice and sharing your excitement, emotion, and all the benefits that come from speaking.  Laugh or say “I love you”, instead of “LOL” or “<3”.

Family in different international or domestic time zones? Friends with different schedules?  Message better with voice.  Message more often without disturbance.  Just Orb them and stay connected better.

•    A direct connection for grandparents and grand-kids
•    Spouses can hear from their loved ones despite their busy schedules
•    College dorm room phones are often a thing of the past…Orb friends across campus without messaging them in class, in the library, or while they are out for the night
•    Share a more meaningful message of support before your team’s or group’s big event while letting them prepare or rest without disruption before their big day
•    Leave Orbs for your kids while you are away
•    Bridge the challenge of a long distance relationship
•    Orb yourself
•    Let your family and loved ones hear and share voice without tech disruption or interruption of their busy lives

The Problem With Voice Messaging:
We’re all on different schedules, so we either don’t communicate as often as we might like or choose text to communicate to create less of a disturbance.  With OrbMi we wanted to create a solution for our most meaningful network…a more direct, convenient, better interaction with the people we want to speak to or hear from.

Technology has improved the ways we can connect with our large and expanded networks, but at times it can create distance from those we care about the most.

•    We have no way to send a message which does not disturb their “now” in some way with an alert or ring.
•    As the receiver, we aren’t always ready to listen or talk right now, but how can people reach us when the message is meaningful, but the immediacy is not?
•    The instantaneous and mobile way we message creates an implied sense of urgency to hear or respond to our message, even if this was never the original intent.
•    We message now, but we message with miss-calls, texts, Tweets, and chats…which can be fine for some occasions or some contacts…but we don’t communicate with those that matter to us the most using the richness of our voice.
•    We connect more, but communicate less.
We can do better.

The OrbMi Solution:
Orbmi combines a hardware device with a mobile application.  The application allows you to send a rich voice message with an environment and mood changing emoticon of light from any mobile device to The Orb.  When there is a soft dim glow indicating a message, just tap the top to play your message of light and voice.  There’s no complicated interface to learn and only a single button to push.  Young, old, techies, technophobes, etc…everyone can Orb.

The OrbMi App Experience:
The OrbMi app is simple and easy to use.  It allows you to invite and control your “Orbit”, which is your network of people who you can Orb or who can Orb you.  There is no spam on OrbMi, ever.  The app allows you to easily send a message of voice and light, and view your history of sent and received messages, and manage your own Orb.

The Orb Experience:
The Orb itself is a hardware device with a single button to push.  The top of the Orb glows the color of the pending message(s), and when pushed plays the new messages received using the built-in speaker.  You can move forward and backward through your saved messages.  In addition, the Orb also doubles as a multi-port USB charging hub for your mobile devices.

The Orb connects to your home or office Wi-Fi network, and is designed to be extremely simple so that anyone can easily get their messages, regardless of age, location, or technical proficiency.


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