Communication Innovation And The Future of OrbMi

Communication Innovation And The Future of OrbMi: Hint….it’s closer than you might think.

First, THANK YOU! Thank you so much for being part of the OrbMi adventure. We have been able to speak directly with thousands of people over the past two years about OrbMi at some of the largest events for innovation we could find, and thousands more through our TV appearances and online media reach.

Our goals have been simple…use location based messaging to encourage richer connections between loved ones.

However, we recognize the challenge…it can be difficult for some people to see something which is both simple and innovative and recognize it’s role and potential.  Although, again, thank you for being able to see into the future and show that you are in-line with our goals for better communication through technology.

“Walk with music?!”… “A business computer in my home?!”…“This phone has no keypad, how is that smart?!”. For some…when innovation is used to make you do something you might not be doing now….like messaging with more meaning without sending it to their phone…it can be difficult to relate to and connect with at first….but that is why great innovation is not always obvious at first.

The night before the end of our Kickstarter campaign, I was lucky enough to sit at a small dinner table with Stephen Denny, the author of “Killing Giants” (http://www.stephendenny.com/killing-giants-book/) after hearing him give a talk about his book. It’s an inspirational book, which I recommend. It was also interesting, because in many ways the OrbMi project was initially inspired by another book, Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity Is Near” (http://www.singularity.com/).  The books are very different, but they both give you a new way to reflect on the present and think of ways to attack the future to allow innovation to make things better.

We would not have started the OrbMi project if we were not ready to move mountains and kill giants. The path forward does not have to be as simple as our goals. Our time with Kickstarter has been a success, because we have been able to start the first step with introducing our approach to improving communication through technology. It has allowed us to also listen to you about the ways you related to OrbMi the most and the needs you have for better communication with your loved ones.

The next few steps on our project plan are very exciting and in several ways they have confirmed that many of our original future plans for OrbMi are ready for you right now. So, this was not the end, but rather the beginning of OrbMi. We are already working on several interesting changes for both the software and hardware for OrbMi.

Don’t worry….you will be Orbing VERY soon. We will be in touch with more updates, and the future of messaging your closest friends and family will be here sooner than you think.


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