The Sci-Fi Orb, Star Wars Messaging, And The Future Of Voice Communication


The new Star Wars Sphero


How would you like a special Star Wars edition of OrbMi’s Orb device? While we called ourselves “Retropreneurs”, because we are bringing back voice messaging, we have one step in the past and one step in the future. OrbMi is not science fiction….it’s science fact…because it’s here right now.


It’s actually been really interesting to hear how our younger demographic responds to OrbMi. For many under 18, they have grown up in a mobile phone only household ,while also being the most likely demographic to think of their smartphones as a voiceless device. Voicemail is never setup. Calls are never received or made. There may be some voice based apps installed, but even those are for short seconds of voice messaging, or apps are used to convert voice to text and even text back to voice (and we all know how well that always works).


So…it’s been interesting to hear many people describe the OrbMi concept as sounding like it’s from the future and not the past. The value of location specific voice messaging is seen by many as a value add in their life, because for our youngest demographic, it’s the only type of voice messaging they want to receive.


If you look at sci-fi movies, the hero’s are not sitting there staring at their mobile phones. However, when writers and producers project into the future, we all seem comfortable with the idea of walking into your home and touching a wall or glass and having messages from loved ones show on a screen or have voice from the home welcome us inside.


However, for some of those in their late 20′s or early 30′s….any conversation about communicating through voice seems frightening. Some actually get angry at the concept. We just want everyone to sit back and relax. We don’t want you to get voice mail. We don’t want your phone to blowup with voice from all of your random contacts. Also, we are not trying to replace all of your textual options. Communicate with everyone exactly how you are. OrbMi is about promoting communication. We just want to give you a new way to send voice for the messages and shares that you are not making right now to your closest friends and family. You can say, with OrbMi “Voice Awakens”, as a new solution to your lack of quality communication with your closest contacts.


OrbMi is the first step into this future. We don’t claim to be as cutting edge as the new Apple Pencil…but we feel like as a device that is innovative in it’s approach we are leading the pack. We want to jump over the current wearable trend and make the future now. While a phone, watch, ring, band, Googleglass, and others can be great for some needs…the idea of reaching out in a richer way with voice and being able to send your voice, not to their mobile device, where voice is not always convenient to receive, but to send it to the bedside table of your spouse , or your child as they wake, or near the fridge in your home, or to the living room of your grandparents, so they can enjoy your richer and longer voice shares…OrbMi is a powerful concept.


Imagine if in the original Star Wars movie R2D2 printed out a fax or just projected a text like “@OB1Kenobi UR #OnlyHope”? Would his message have had such a powerful impact on Luke?


In our present, we live in a world where when we can’t time a call with our closest friends and family, we avoid communicating or downgrade to a text message. Team OrbMi wants to push us all into a true “Communication Age”.


OrbMi might be bringing the concept of voice communication from the past, but the private location based voice messaging network is the way of the future for better, richer, and more enjoyable voice shares from our loved ones or to our loved ones.


Just Orb Me or Just Orb Them….but Orb and communicate better.  JustOrbMi.com


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